The Club Run (continued)... Where possible we ride two abreast so we can ride and chat. Cycling is much easier in a group riding in the slipstream. We share the pacemaking every few minutes by one rider moving up from front right position to the front left position allowing everyone to get a crack at doing a short pull on the front.

You’re of course welcome to just ride at the back until you’re comfortable to move up into the line. If the roads are busy we single out, and safety is always far more important than speed.

Can I keep up? Speed if often a key issue for new cyclists, and if you’re not sure just give us a call.


The Stylish Group averaging 14.0 -16.5mph

The Training Group averaging 16-19mph.

Speeds will exceed this on the flat, but again it’s really so much easier in a group. Even if we do have a short blast we always regroup further along the road or at the top of a hill - and no one gets left behind. 

If you want to race, or train hard we do that too… but Sundays are for everyone. Both groups will rendezvous at the same Cafe Stop for some friendly banter.

How far?

Winter: TEMPO Group 45-60 miles. FORZA Group 45 - 70 miles

Spring Autumn: TEMPO Group 55 - 65 miles   FORZA Group 55 -75 miles

Summer:  TEMPO Group 60-85 miles  FORZA Group  60- 95 miles

Looking for a shorter ride or need to be back early? 

O.K. you’ve got time constraints or a short pass.  No worries, most times you’ll still have company if you need to turn back early, and never forget you’re still allowed a coffee stop even if you don’t have the time to reach the official cafe stop.

Bikes: We’re generally on lightweight road bikes, small saddle pouches, no racks, panniers, or cavernous saddle bags, or liquid back packs. That’s right, keep it light... it’s easier! In the Winter mudguards are preferred, as no-one wants to get their face and kit splashed.

Other Stuff: Your participation in Club rides is entirely at your own risk. We suggest that you take out third party insurance. British Cycling or the CTC can offer this cover, and you get FREE bronze membership of British Cycling when you become a member of the Gregarios Superclub Ciclista. This also entitles you to upgrade to BC Ride, Silver or Gold membership with an appropriate discount. Ride, Silver or Gold covers you for 3rd Party Public Liability.

Start place / Time:

Porta Grande, Corner of Uxbridge road and Grimsdyke Road, Hatch End HA5 4HR.

Time: 9.15am / leave 9.30am

Special events: Once or twice a year we may have a Special Ride when we drive to The Cotswolds, Suffolk, Essex, or The Surrey Hills and ride from there. Members are notified by email. Usually there is still a club run on the same day. Also the club has arranged regular trips to Tuscany and the Alpes.

Still thinking about it?

Well don’t… just do it!



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