The pre-ride sock inspection and style page

West London’s finest cyclists in their stylish cycling kit and accessories

  1. Mr Brown’s excellent selection.

  1. The Italian flag - always a good choice. Stand like this and you can escape in any direction.

  1. Johnny Moor: good sock..................

  1. Bullet bad sock !

  1. Jason St Hill’s bobbydazzler combo.

  1. Guesting on our site, ex-pro and former  Archer GP winner Brian Tadman demonstrates that even on a hi-pie program you can still look stylish.




For further style tips...

see this essential reading,


Always strive to look your best both on and off the bike... and remember - there’s no point in winning, if you can't do it with style.

Full size picture at bottom of page - don’t look!


Turbo Top 10cycling-turbo-training-music.htmlcycling-turbo-training-music.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0



  1. Dragos again!: ultimate Team Shoe plus Top Sock combo!


Exposure on club run: Don’t make this mistake on the ride...

Never display your backside to the tifosi!

  1. Always replace your kit before it wears out

  1. Bullet Matt Gray, after makeover



Guest rider Javier from Murcia:

Pure Italian bling... rainbow mirror Sidi road shoes topped with Colnago and

Campagnolo Record and a tasty pair of socks.  NIce!

  1. Bullet Matt Gray, before makeover


  1. Now that’s what I call as sock! Chapeau Dragos!

  1. Italia -

always good!

In The Blue Train it’s not Just About The Ride - it’s also about the detail.

  1. Is it a long with an Italia band or is it a sock with                an Italia cuff? That’s where  they get ya.                                                     



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