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The Gregarios Superclub Ciclista

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The Club Run


Road cycling

Club Run

No Nos...

Ruck Sacks

A ruck sack is uncomfortable.

All you need is a

small saddle pouch

for spare tube tyre

levers & small tool.


Panniers and large

saddle bags are


All you need is a

small saddle pouch.

Camel Backs:

You don’t need a sack

of water on your back

for a club ride,

All you need to keep

you a

bike bottle or two on

your bike with your

favourite electrolyte or energy drink


O.K. talk me through it!

The Gregarios Superclub Ciclista’s Sunday club runs are social rides, with two groups Tempo and Forza to choose from. Starting at Porta Grande Hatch End we meet 9.15 / leave 9.30am. 

First time with a cycling club? No worries, we aim to make you welcome! Over a season we’ll ride the best country lanes in most directions from Hatch End. A different route each week. The beautiful Chilterns, Herts, and Bucks all on our doorstep - and then slightly further afield Oxon, Berkshire. Occasionally we even venture into the wilds of Essex. These rides are a great day out on the bike, and also perfect preparation if you’re thinking about doing some of the big Sportives, or looking to develop your training base for a particular race.

We have annual showcase rides like The Famous Benson Run (to Benson-on-Thames), The Hatch End-Brighton-Hatch End, and our “Alpine Epic”. There are regular trips abroad to our spiritual homeland - Italy, and also regular tips to the Alps.

A key part of the club run is the cafe stop where we wind down and shoot the breeze at the area’s best cafes. This can sometimes be followed at the end of the ride with the apres-ride cappuccino at the fabulous Cafe Pascucci or Porta Grande. We’ve been known to extend the craic and review the ride well into the second muffin.

New riders if you’d like to come on the club run, just drop us an email first. We’re happy for you to guest-ride with us for a couple of rides, then you’ll need to join to ride with us. More….

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